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About Us

Mission Statement

The Apostolic Christian Country Villa is a ministry of the Apostolic Christian Church of Latty, Ohio whose goal is to provide, without respect to financial resources, our members and friends with "on-site aging" facilities in a comfortable, loving environment based on Christian principles.


Our Invitation

We understand that making the decision for you or a loved one to enter a congregate living setting can be a difficult and emotional experience. Change can be hard for anyone, but it is particularly challenging when necessary to decide during, or immediately after, a significant change in one’s health status and/or abilities. At Country Inn we understand the turmoil you may be feeling. We can help in making a smooth transition to the living arrangement preferred by you. Our care for you, or your loved one, includes not only meeting physical needs but also encompasses our mission to give special attention to the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual concerns of our residents and their families. We view it a privilege that you are considering Country Inn to become your new home. If you should choose to give us this opportunity, it is a responsibility we will take seriously. We want to welcome you to make our home – your home, and look forward to the mutual benefits of loving, caring, and sharing.

For More information:


Country Inn Enhanced Living Center

12651 Road 82

Paulding, Ohio 45879

419.399.2345 or 419-399-2341 (fax)

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